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    The Insects Frass is made by very dried small granule which contains natural porosity that is useful and beneficial for keeping the oxygen of the soil, making microbiological balance and the converse of the water in the soil. This product is totally dried without any strong smell. How to use Insects Frass: Nitro compost can be used directly like any other natural fertilizers which are being used for agricultural products like vegetables and different types of flowers. The amount that we need to use Nitro frass is about 50-100 kg per 4050 square meters. It being usually used at the middle of the plant's growth during 3-4 period of time. Remember the time between the first and second period shouldn't exceed more than 15 days. One of the most important things which increase the effectiveness of this frass is doing the watering in time and make an order on that. Please be noticed that the watering on this frass is almost the same as other natural organic fertilizers. As long as Nitro is so useful for riching the soil we suggest you to use 1/3 of the total amount of the growth frass 4 days before seeding and be sure that the frass and soil combined very well.

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